API Request -- Flash Message in Titlebar

I see the “NotificationRequest” API for Nova Extensions, but I’d like an API that allows me to “flash” (display for, say, 3 seconds) a message in the titlebar area of a Nova Workspace (where the progress bar and message appears during execution of a task).

Reason: when my app (CodeKit) processes a file, it posts a system-level notification that presents with the standard macOS UI. Many users would greatly prefer to see that little notification in the titlebar area of Nova—it would be much less intrusive. It also exactly fits with the intent of that area of your UI: a task that is running and has a result. The messages are always short: “Compiled ‘file.scss’ successfully”, for instance.

The idea is to provide a very tiny visual clue so the user can verify that processing took place. Thanks.

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Engineering notes: This is being tracked in GitLab in #1119.