Evaluating files using glob patterns

Is there a way to evaluate an array of file paths using a glob pattern? I see that if I use the FileSystemWatcher, I can evaluate a single file against a glob pattern when a change is detected. However, I don’t see a way to invoke that method on all files when the extension is first loaded.

To clarify, what I am trying to do is evaluate the contents of the workspace when the extension is first loaded and only process those files that are not included in a given ignore file. Kind of like how the ,gitignore file works.

Not currently; This isn’t exposed as standalone API for extensions, but it’s possible we could do so!

I was making an edit to my original post. After hitting submit, I see that you replied. Sorry about that.

Thanks! I would love to see this added to the API, as it would be incredibly helpful in the TODO extension I am currently building.

Do you think this is something that is likely to make it in soon? Or, would you suggest I find a workaround to manage this issue in my extension for the time being?

New API additions are not likely to make it for a couple of weeks at the minimum, as we’re currently focused on a bug fix release for Nova 2, and then our update for macOS 11.0 that will be coming shortly after that.

So, if you’re looking to implement something like this within the next month, you might (unfortunately) want to look into doing something similar manually. Sorry for the bad news on that front. :sweat_smile:

No worries Logan. I understand you have limited resources and have to prioritize. I appreciate the response and will spend some time looking at the options.