Extensions in Development - Introductions

The API already seems capable of supporting most of the necessary functionality, although there’s a lot of manual work required at the moment to manage selections properly.

There are definitely some rough edges, but the API looks really promising :slight_smile:

Hi there :wave:
My name‘s Oliver and thanks to Nova‘s simple Extension API, I was able to bring two of my most liked Gists as Snippet extensions to Nova.

Nothing special, but as a I do some web dev in my spare time & having a need for those Snippets myself, I wanted to give it a try :blush:

Love what you all create for Nova, and your extensions help me greatly in some side projects.



I’m Alexander. I wrote the TabNine autocompletion extension, and a small Git blame command extension.
Thank you all for your awesome extensions! :100:

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Hey everyone. I missed this thread! Nova 9 really improved LSP integration so much that I feel more motivated to maintain my extensions than ever.

I’m the maintainer of the Deno extension, which provides the complete package for developing TS/JS: Typechecking, autocomplete, linting, formatting, code actions, and tasks. IMO The combination of Deno and Nova makes for far and away the sweetest way to work with TS/JS on the Mac.

I’ve also been working on pulling together a lot of common utilities I’ve seen being used for building Nova extensions, as a hybrid Deno / NPM package. GitHub - sgwilym/nova_utils, which I use in my own Deno extension.

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I just noticed it has been a while since my original post, so, first and foremost, welcome to all (relative) newcomers in this thread. Great to see the Nova extension ecosystem thriving!

Now for a little update about my activities. I currently maintain the JXA (JavaScript for Automation – niche) and µESLint (ESLint taken minimally – very niche, you probably want Cameron’s) extensions, both due for an update.

For the last year, I have been working, on and off, on a full featured extension for fish shell scripting. Partly because this has proven to be a bit more complex than I originally fathomed, I have lately been on a side quest building a foundation for my, and hopefully other’s, extensions, in the form of a meta-extension tentatively titled NovaNova, which will combine a function and abstraction library for extension development with in-Nova-runtime unit testing facilities based on QUnit (with the library being tested and the testing integration built with the library, this is an ultimate circular dogfooding squad thingagummy).

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