🧡🕊️ Introducing Icarus: Swift and C-family support for Nova

We are very happy to announce the release of Icarus, a new first-party extension project from Panic which adds language support and debugging for Swift, C, C++, and Objective-C to Nova.

This project is open source, and is targeted toward developers in both the Swift ecosystem as well as the C/C++ ecosystem (and any intersections therein).

Icarus adds syntax highlighting, completions, code hovers, and other intelligence features provided by Apple’s SourceKit-LSP project, as well as full interactive debugging using LLDB.framework. Intelligence and debugging is available when you have a compatible toolchain available, such as those provided by Xcode, the Xcode CLI tools, or a standalone Swift installation from swift.org.

While this project is in its infancy, we are very excited to see where it goes and how it can help evolve the Swift and C/C++ ecosystems on the Mac.

If you’d like to try Icarus, you can download it today from Nova’s extension library.