Placeholders do not work for "text" preference type

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For the "text" item type, providing a placeholder value does not create a placeholder in the Extension Preference UI.


When a value for placeholder is provided, the value should appear in the Extension Preference UI text box, similar to how placeholders work for the "path" item type.


// extension.json
  "config": [
      "title": "Paths",
      "type": "section",
      "children": [
          "key": "njls.executable",
          "title": "Executable Path",
          "type": "path",
          "placeholder": "/usr/local/bin/jedi-language-server",
          "description": "Path to the jedi-language-server executable.",
          "allowsFolders": false
          "key": "njls.workspace.extraPaths",
          "title": "Extra Paths",
          "type": "text",
          "placeholder": "/path/to/venv/site-packages",
          "description": "Additional paths to pass to Jedi. Usually used for virtual env installations. Each path must be on it's own line."

Resulting Extension UI

I’d expect “/path/to/venv/site-packages” to appear as semi-opaque text in the Extra Paths text box.


  • macOS Big Sur 11.1 Beta (20C5048k)
  • Nova 3.1, Build 221256
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Thank you for your report. I will file this in our issue tracker.

Note: filed as #2443.