Set current file and line externally

For LaTeX support in my extension, I want to implement SyncTeX support. SyncTeX means that I have the PDF built from LaTeX open in Skim (a SyncTeX-capable PDF viewer) and when I Command+Click into the PDF, Skim knows the position in the source (filename + line number) from which the clicked position originates. Skim will then execute a command that will open/select that file and move the cursor to the correct line.

Skim does have presets for most Mac editors, e.g. for TextMate the command will be

mate -l %line "%file"

Now my question is, what would be the corresponding command for Nova? As far as I see it, the nova CLI command will open the file in a new tab even if it is already open, and there is no option to jump to the correct line. Is there some AppleScript I can execute to achieve this?