A fun new way to crash the extension service

(I know this isn’t really about getting started, but neither is it about the things to which the other category names are in reference, unfortunately.)

This fun new method of crashing the extension service is very simple and easy :slightly_smiling_face:; start a file system watcher in a workspace that’s not bound to a folder.

For example, create an extension whose activate function includes this code:

(Also see the following alternative, using the Tools extension.)


Create a new tool with these contents:

tool = {
	name: "File System Watcher",
	/* A tool object implements hooks */
	onAction: () => {
		nova.fs.watch("LOREM", () => {})
	onSave: (path, editor) => {}

Then, open a new window with ⇧⌘N. Run the tool and observe the crash.

nova.fs.watch("LOREM", () => {})

Install the extension, and open a new window with ⇧⌘N. Prompt the extension to activate —the exact means vary depending on your extension’s activation events. Finally, observe the crash:

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