Ability to only have a single file open

Xcode gives us the ability to “Open in Place” for files meaning we don’t end up with an editor littered with open files in a single split/pane. It would be incredible if Nova were able to support something like this too.

Preferences → Files → Open documents with a single click

Hey Austen,

Thanks for that, but it’s actually not what I am asking for. That would open n-number of files depending on how many you click on. What I am asking for is anytime you click/open a file it takes over as the only open file in the pane/split. That way you can only ever have a single file open per pane/split.

Oh I see. For me it only opens one file at a time when you click a file, but as soon as you edit the file then it remains open and does not get replaced.

I suppose someone could make an extension that closes your other files whenever you open a new file. Although the extension API does not have a way to close a file, so maybe that’s the feature request we should be asking for.