Add "remote development" support

Basically the vscode feature like remote LSP support, remote docker support. Vscode is the only one support this feature for now, which make so many people make the vscode as default, I see zed is on this feature now so wonder if Nova can implement this, ref 1 2. This a huge boost feature for dev imo.

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Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Doing this would require far more resources for engineering than we have available, as VSCode’s remote editing support alone is maintained by dozens of folks, not to mention the amount of work required to make it work on both Windows and Linux remote hosts.

I’d like to second remote filesystem-like support for LSP etc… The publishing method feels outdated and limited.

@logan Windows support seems increasingly niche in the microservice era, to the point a *nix only solution might be acceptable?

@gooogg I’m not sure I understand what you’re referring to with “remote docker” support however? Are you referring to the container file exploration? I’m curious what I’m missing if you could clarify?

Aha, apologies. My point being we don’t have the resources to approach this even if just Linux. There’s just too much work for one person.

Sorry for the confusion, What I mean is something like this vscode extension. Indeed this might be too much work for one person.