Allow passing "value" option to "showInputPalette" API

For context I was trying to make a PR to the TypeScript LSP extension to improve the UX of renaming a Symbol. The issue can be seen here, but quoted below as well:

For me, most of the time when renaming a symbol it’s to fix a minor typo or adjust the existing name.
The current behaviour is to show placeholder text that can’t be selected or edited, requiring the user to type out the full name of the symbol.

Current prompt
Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 11 37 28@2x

I propose populating both the placeholder and value options to make edits easier. This UX would also bring the workflow in line with how VS Code works.

The change would be made at the following place:

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That sounds like a totally reasonable request. I will file this with our internal tracker and hopefully we can fast-track it for our next feature release.

Notes: tracking internally as #2399.

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@Logan Have there been any updates to this feature request?

Not yet. It’s still on my list, but there’ve been some other things we had to get to first. Hopefully soon!

Thanks for adding this functionality in v6 @Logan, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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