Bringing back Coda 2 Integrated Database editor/manager to life, or APIs for Devs to do so?

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Coda 2 used to have a beautiful database editor (I’m not sure if it was limited to MySQL only), which is dearly missed!

I understand, of course, that things have changed dramatically since then, and there are many DB services. It may not be possible to maintain such a feature, so a Language Server Protocol (LSP) approach is needed to allow the community to add the support.

Now, I’m not very experienced in this subject matter, but I’ve been forced to use VSCode :weary: because I’m programming in Java against my will :weary:. There is no Java LSP extension in Nova just yet. I was messing with databases and came across the SQLTools Extension. I found it quite interesting and intriguing. I’m not sure about the inner workings, but it seems like a nice approach where users can add drivers as they need, and voila, you would have a fully-fledged database viewer and editor. As an extension, it’s pretty impressive. In fact, the first thing that came to my mind was the Coda 2 nostalgia, haha.

It would be extremely handy if Panic designed some sort of native, built-in SQLTool, and then developers could create extensions based on that, etc. :innocent:

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Have you try tableplus? A dedicated tool is probably the best way you can go, the same goes for love, is probably better to concentrate on being the best editor possible

Mmm, for me personally, being a good editor is all about the ecosystem and superb, efficient, and performant APIs.

In terms of goodness, the fact that Panic migrated to tree-sitter and is incredibly native, they have already ticked all the boxes. It’s the collection of many small things it has that has kept me hooked.

For example, if I only wanted an editor, I could have easily patched Nova and opted for Neovim or Zed, as they are already tree-sitter based, super fast with a low footprint, or heck, even good old Vim (I’m sure we all have that one friend who codes in vi with zero syntax highlighting and completions :joy:).

To put it this way, you could argue that for Nova’s Git support or anything else at this point, why bother when you can have a dedicated app like Git-Tower? But to be frank, I just hate the idea of opening a lot of apps, switching back and forth just to perform a “simple task.” I dislike it so much that I mainly work in psql in Nova’s built-in terminal rather than using pgAdmin, Beekeeper, or TablePlus (which is undoubtedly best in class).

For instance, ever since Nova 11, I’ve barely opened my dedicated git app or CLI. Don’t get me wrong; they will always have their uses, especially for complicated tasks. But for simple tasks like table viewing, examining domain structures in the relation, or having a scratchpad for sending quick, dirty SQL commands with dynamic auto-completion based on the opened DB, I think Nova can do it even better than SQLTools in VSCode!

That’s a looong comment Emran :grinning: remember this is just my humble opinion

I understand when you say opening more apps sucks, I also feel that nova’s GIT implementation is great, but I still feel that the editor has some missing features like auto rename closing tag, compare files and some little things, which I believe are more important than the DB feature, if I’m not mistaken a long time ago they ask on twitter if people really used the DB feature and the winner was no (I voted yes)

I never used a DB plug-in in VScode but I did notice every time I added a plug-in it made it a little slower, maybe is just me, but I do prefer a cleaner nova

Anyway, TablePlus is an excellent app that also does SQLite and a few more, some features are excellent, I was hesitant at first, coming from sequel pro and Ace, but it’s definitely worth the change