Code window jumps all over the place when adding or removing lines in 11.5

I can post a video if needed but the editor is basically unusable for me after the update. It scrolls all the way back to the top of the file and all over the place every time a line is added or removed.

I’m running Nova 11.5 (Build 550229) with macOS 14.0 Sonoma (23A344) on an M2 MacBook Pro.

Any way to downgrade until this is fixed?


Yeah, I was editing an XML file earlier and every time I pressed enter the view would jump to the top of the file

First, in Nova, go to Settings… then in the General tab, uncheck Automatically keep Nova up to date. Then you can get Nova 11.4 from Panic File Muesum and you should be able to replace it.


Thanks for the tip @AmigaAbattoir

I narrowed down the issue to the Code Structure Headers. Turning those off seems to avoid the problem.

That will do for now.

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Thanks, turning Code Structure Headers off fixed this for me as well.

Same problem for me on last version !

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We believe this should now be resolved with Nova 11.6, which was released yesterday afternoon.

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