Common LSP support for Find References

The TypeScript extension has a nice Find References implementation. I could use this in my own extension (clangd/ccls) but it is kind of a pain in the arse.

Nova could (should!) just implement this in it’s common LSP layer.

And the jump to implementation, mentioned in your previous post, also can summon multiple targets. I’ve done the cheaper thing of just popping up a list in via showChoicePalette for jumping to something that has multiple targets. But it is “cheap” in both implementation effort, and, sadly usability. Having had to explore a bunch of old Go code in the past week, I’ve been tempted to follow path in the TypeScript extension.

(Find implementations is also essential for me because, for whatever reason, gopls find definition seems to always jump to an interface specification, even if there is only one actual implementation available. Grr.)

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