CompletionItem vs. TextEditor.insert(..., Format.Snippet)

I’m working on an extension to add multi-line code documentation comments (JSDoc style).
When using CompletionItems Nova adjusts the indentation of all lines of the snippet just fine. With TextEditor.insert() consecutive lines are not indented. Is this intended behavior?

I have no problem with calculating the needed indentation myself. I just wondered, because Nova does otherwise indent everything when you copy & paste.

Also … is there any way to read the WrapGuideColumn setting from prefs?

I’d like to bring this up again, because my extension DocBlockr is now broken.

DocBlockr provides multiline comment blocks as CompletionItems by typing /**.

Now Nova uses the wrong indentation for the 2nd to last line of the completion snippet. To better illustrate, here’s an example of the outcome:

    // a previous indented line

    * comment line (picks up indentation from above)

Where it is expected as:

    // a previous indented line

 * comment

This of course happens only if “Reformat indentation of pasted text” is selected in editor prefs and when no space or tab is before /**

I could swear this has worked before. Don’t know when this changed, but I think Nova should consider the indentation of the line in which the completion is triggered.

Edit: Well it does, as long as there’s at least one space/tab. If there isn’t, it picks up whatever amount of indentation it can find above.