Console improvements


console.log(['Array’s only item']);
console.log({test: 'value'});


[19:13:10.387000] Array’s only item
[19:13:10.387000] [object Object]

Sad face. I would love to twirl open dictionaries like I can in Web Inspector, or at least see brackets around array values. Probably this is already on your list so consider this an upvote of that ticket, wherever it may be.

Also, it made me add a tag to this post even though none of the five options exactly fit, and I don’t think I can create one myself.


These are good ideas! I’d love for us to expand our console functionality soon.

A repl in the console would be totally fabulous, but I expect something like that is already on somebody’s todo list.

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And having console.log() and friends work when an extension is deactivating would be super helpful. I ended up adding a logging function writing to a file to understand and verify some nuances about deactivation and Disposables.