Conversion of an existing editor extension to Nova: CFML

I find myself doing quite a bit of CFML (aka ColdFusion) development in recent times. I’d very much like to have support for this language in Nova.

There’s CFML support in many editors including Coda, Sublime, Textmate, VSCode, Atom, Brackets and more.

If I was to try my hand at creating a Nova Extension for CFML support is there a recommended starting point? For example, would i be best taking an existing bundle and converting this for use in Nova? Are there any existing tools to assist in such a conversion? What is the closest bundle to the Nova format that will save me time in this regard?

Last but not least, I haven’t been able to find any tutorials or getting started guides so far.

Am I right in assuming the best place to start from scratch is here:

To answer you briefly:

  1. Yes, you’ve already found it:
  2. It’s a good suggestion!
  3. I wish I knew that answer.
  4. Possibly the PHP extension would come closest to CFML (I’m thinking about the bit of embedding code inside HTML and getting the syntax highlighter to know which is which).
  5. Exactly!

I would also love to get this done! We need a CFML extension for Nova :slight_smile:

Where do we start?