Converted Textmates Property List (XML)

:wave: Hey I converted a Textmates tmLanguage to use with VSCode and wondered if it’s now possible to use/convert it for nova?

The converted language can be found here:


From Nova 10 and onwards, the recommended way to integrate new languages is through the Tree-sitter library and its very large set of community-driven grammars. These are not built with TextMate-style regular expression descriptions like you describe.

Nova previously supported a TextMate-similar regular expression language engine, however this was not compatible with the latter’s property list files or the VSCode converted JSON files. This engine is deprecated and no longer recommended for new extensions.

If you need additional documentation, we have some for integrating Tree-sitter grammars with Nova.

OK - I might have a look at the current XML language and see if I can base the property on that

You can have a look at GitHub - dcwatson/tm2nova: Utility for converting TextMate grammars to Nova syntaxes. if you want - I don’t know if it still works, or how well it will work for you, and whatever it produces is already deprecated - but if all that is OK with you, by all means :grinning:

Thanks @dcwatson I’ll have a look see.