Copy / Paste / Save / Search / etc... on macOS 14.2 beta 3

Hi Nova Team !

Just a quick information, some keyboard shortcuts no longer work on Nova 11.6 with macOS 14.2 beta 3, or not at all. The main ones: copy / paste / save / search :wink:

In any case, excellent IDE that I use every day!

I have had the same issue, which no longer occurred after updating to macOS 14.2 Beta 4.

Yes, me too, it works fine now with beta 4 :slight_smile:

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I am on beta 4 (23C5055b) with the latest Nova (11.6) and none of the keyboard shortcuts work when the mouse pointer is above the editor area. If I move the pointer outside the editor, above the sidebar for example, it works normally.

This should be entirely resolved in Nova 11.7, which was released this morning.

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I updated to the 14.2 RC and to 11.7 at the same time but it works now.