Crash in NovaParseService

I have a tree sitter syntax I’m working on that seems to crash the NovaParseService and cause all syntax highlighting to stop working until Nova is restarted.

If you install the extension here:

Perl Tree-Sitter | Nova Extensions

It will add syntaxes for both Perl (Tree-Sitter) and HTML (EP)

If you open a new file, set the syntax to HTML (EP) and add this line:

% say $mt->render(<<'EOF', [1 .. 13], 'Hello World!');

That code should render as injected Perl (Tree-Sitter) but it will crash the NovaParseService. I’ve tested this in tree sitter itself and the code works fine. Everything else seems OK too, but that particular line causes a crash.

Here is a crash log from when that happens: gist:64f9590d4a26841c18199d732b565af0 · GitHub

Any code for the extension itself is here: GitHub - mrsdizzie/nova-perl-treesitter: Nova extension providing Tree-sitter-based syntax highlighting for Perl files