Creating issues for another file than the one being parsed

I added linting to the Verilog extension from Tom Salvo. I’m using Verilator for this.

Because Verilog is highly hierarchical as a language, parsing one file often means parsing it in the context of other modules.

It seems like sometimes verilator will happily provide warnings for another file, caused by its use in the current file. For example, editing `’:

Verilog[9:44:50.465000]    %Warning-WIDTH: /Volumes/Code/fpga/pfCore/src/core/ Operator EQ expects 32 bits on the LHS, but LHS's VARREF 'sf_cnt' generates 21 bits.

Verilog[9:44:50.465000]                                                                         : ... In instance pf_flip.sf3

Using the IssuesProvider class, there does not seem to be a way to return issues via provideIssues() for any other file than the one currently parsed but there is this concept of IssueCollection which may be what I’m looking for.

Is there a way to return an issue collection when using the IssuesProvider class?