Debugger Ruby Support

Duh, I’m so jealous! The last few releases had no features in stock for me, now I can look at this great new debugger and it’s of no use in my beloved Rubyland. :cry:

Will Ruby be added any time soon or are other languages supposed to be supported by community extensions?

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Ruby is most definitely on our list of possible candidates for additional debuggers. It was on our original list, too, but ended up being just a bit too much engineering effort for the Nova 9 release. It’s definitely a possibility we’ll add support in Nova 10.


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It’s definitely a possibility we’ll add support in Nova 10.

That’s really good news, please let me know if you need a beta tester… or other motivation boosters in the form of mildly alcoholic fermented fruit juice, happiness drops made from cacao or heavy doses of caffeine – whatever it takes. :wink:

Hi @logan !

Thanks for all your great work on Nova. It appears additional debuggers didn’t make it to Nova 10. Can you give an estimation on when ruby debugger support is planned now?

Would making a separate extension for Ruby debug support help official support?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

+1 for Ruby Debugger support. Although I will say if it’s not in the cards anytime soon I am interested in taking a stab at a possible extension for it if others want to collaborate on this. The newest Ruby Debug gem is truly delightful. Stan Lo and others are doing God’s work in improving developer experience for Ruby. Seeing Nova as a first class option would be a big win on that front.

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I’m honestly disappointed to see v10 roll without this. Hopefully, it just didn’t make the big update and will be part of .1 or .2. However, even though roadmaps for features are extremely unpopular with software developers, some rough but realistic timeline is key here because “definitely a possibility” will only keep people from working on extensions to bridge the time until built-in support is ready. @logan Thanks for a word on this – and for Nova!

Hello all!

Unfortunately, we were not able to plan Ruby debug for Nova 10’s release. With our plans in place for the migration to Tree Sitter and the other features we already had in the work, it was going to be far too much on my solo plate, and the release likely wouldn’t have made it before the end of the year.

This is still definitely something I want to do, it’s mostly just finding the time to do so. I am by no means a Ruby developer, so it’s going to include a good chunk of my own fumbling around to figure out exactly how the Ruby debugger works and behaves as a member of the Debug Adapter community.

I can’t give a hard-line ETA, since we don’t know at all, but at bare minimum this would not come until Nova 11, as we try to refrain from adding major new features in point /bugfix releases. Our current ETA for Nova 11’s milestone is early next year.

I’m happy to talk with all of you about integration of the debugger if you’d like to participate, though! I’ve done some cursory exploration of the Ruby debug module and how it works.


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Thanks for the update @logan ! I’m happy to help to the best of my capabilities (which lie more on Ruby than Nova’s moving parts) as well as testing of course.

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