Developing an active language extension

How are you managing continuous development of an extension you’re using? E.g., I’m writing an extension to handle .kit files - I use these on all my web projects, so ideally I want it installed and enabled by default for all my projects. How are you all doing this?

The Activate Project as Extension command is fine for installing the extension while working on it, but that only works for that project (unless I’m missing something obvious?).

I do not want to submit a half-finished extension just to be able to test it thoroughly…

Would love to know how others are dealing with this slight dilemma :slight_smile:


If you open your Nova extension project from the Finder, then Nova will offer you the options to either “Open for Editing” or “Install”. If you install then it’ll behave as a standard extension, and appear in the Extension Library.

I’ve been using that technique to test extensions before submitting them to the library.

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Thanks Oliver - I did try that at some point, but didn’t think install => uninstall => install again was the right way to go when making changes etc.

Activate Project as Extension seems to work fine for me across projects, as long as the extension project remains open alongside any projects that use it, and the published version of the package is not also activated. Am I missing something?

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Yes. Activating the project as development (from the Extensions menu) should make it available from all other project windows, granted that the extension project itself remains open. If you aren’t seeing this, please do let us know, so we might need to investigate!

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