Disable auto smart quotes for text type extension preferences or JSON preference type

I’m working no an extension to provide a generic way to map relationships between alternate file, and the ability to jump between them.
I want to provide users with an ability to provide their configuration as a JSON object, but the text box keeps automatically replacing straight quotes (") with curly quotes ().
This causes the JSON parsing to fail.

:point_up: A game of “Spot the error!”

I’ve noticed the same issue with the Toggler extension settings too.

My current fallback is to try and sanitize the string before parsing, or provide a “Fix config” command button in the preferences, but this doesn’t seem like the best UX.

I can see a solution being provided in one of several ways:

  • disable smart quotes
  • have a JSON preference type, ideally with indentation and syntax highlighting
  • a configurable table/matrix presence that we can use to create a GUI. In my case file extension, and respective alternate files to look up.
  • something else :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering this!

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Thank you for the report. We’ll look into getting this fixed soon.

I just encountered the same problem. For now I just replace the smart quotes without the user knowing but it will be cool if we have a JSON preference type.

Are you sure that Nova replaces quotes? macOS has such a feature too.