Documentation for Extension Based Clips + other requests


I was looking through the documentation and I did not find anything with regards to Clips that can be created by the extension dev. I managed to get a rough idea by creating a dummy Clips extension. But i have some feature requests.

Feature requests

  • Documentation for clips

    • what properties are allowed etc
  • I wished there were properties that would match the flexibilty of the CompletionItem in the completion API

    • for example kind, detail, documentation, label
    • I think clips is quite powerful and using the completion API is sometimes an overkill just the get the extra details mentioned above to the user. I dont think it fair for us to use the API for a simple text snippet with placeholders and tab stops, that are not dynamic at all, when they could possibly be achieved by extension clips
  • Support for tabs space newline

    • I am not sure if this is supported, but I dont know how to achieve tabs, spaces, newline to create a snippet that drops pre formatted
    • I noticed this can be achieved using the Clips in the sidebar. The format of the written snippet will be reserved by Nova.
    • But how do we achieve that for extensions in Clips.json’s content property?
    • Maybe allow us to use the beautiful built-in clips sidebar to create the snippets instead of messing around with .json files? I think that would be absolutely powerful and hassle free for extension developers :smirk:, this would dramatically speed up multiline code-completion developments.
  • Can we have snippet supports in the Language Completions .xml files

  • last but not least better support for none alphanumeric clips trigger/title

    • Nova is quite funny with triggers and names that start with @ : $ etc… this is also the case with Completion API!

Sorry for the big list!