Enable / disable extensions for specific projects

It would be nice if I could enable or disable extensions at the project level, separate from their global enabled state.

For example if I need different extensions enabled on work projects than I do in personal projects, I find myself having to turn on and off extensions by hand when switching projects.


YES! I remember submitting this as a feature request a while ago.

In some cases I have to disable certain extensions because they’ll fight each other, for example Deno and Typescript. Or sometimes TypeScript and ESLint.

This is something that extension developers can add to their extensions too, since you are able to configure project-specific settings per extension. Check if the extensions you’re using already have a setting for disabling per project, and if they don’t you can request the extension developer to add it.

Having to rely on on plugin implementors to do this right and consistently will result in a very messy and incoherent ecosystem. I specifically would like to request that this be a built in plugin feature.

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This is definitely something we’d like to do at some point.


Honestly, I wish this was one of the next features in the pipeline.

I often( as in every day multiple times) find myself in a project where extensions like Deno, ESLint and TypeScript all try to do things in JS/TS files and sometimes conflict in their actions, i disable them and then I switch to another project where’d need some or one of those and I need to go again and disable or enable them.