Extension development in pure Typescript


I think it would be nice to be able to develop extensions in pure typescript, with Panic providing scaffolding. Or at least have the option to do as I believe there are some developers who would still love to write in pure JS.

For example with VS Code we can develop in either TS or JS.

The benefits of course is better tooling and development experience (autocompletion etc). I understand Nova had limited support for TS prior to typescript extension by @apexskier but I think the extension and the app are mature enough to allow this to happen.

It is just easier to have these as a first party support than trying to hack like this Extension autocomplete support


There are quite a few milestones that might be needed before we could approach this, unfortunately, but it’s something we’re working toward.

As you mention, TypeScript intelligence support in Nova is optional and reliant on third-party extensions for the time being. We are working toward changing this, as our plan is for Nova to eventually gain first-party support for a TypeScript language server, among other features. This would then lead to support for compiling TypeScript in extensions before they are submitted to the extension library, as well as autocomplete support for the extension API being built in.

There’s a lot predicated on all of this, as TypeScript support is not a small undertaking, but I’d like to make it known that we understand your wants and always have it in mind!


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