Extension folder as a subdirectory of a project's repo

Can’t find info on this in the doc but apologies if I missed it…

I plan on having the static parts of my extension be in a subfolder of my project repo myext.novaextension which then gets populated by generated things when someone works on developing the extension (things that are not checked in to the repo).

Doing this, when I have the repo’s folder opened for editing, I can activate the extension and test it that way (even though it’s a subdir, Nova seems to find it).

My question is, when I eventually chose to submit to the extension library, once again when I have the repo’s folder opened for editing, will it also do the right thing and only submit the content of the extension’s folder (i.e. the subfolder myext.novaextension ) or will it try to submit the entire repo folder by mistake?

@DidierMalenfant Yup you are correct, Nova is smart enough to just upload the .novaextension stuff when you submit, even if your workplace is open at the root directory of your extension project!