"Extension Pack" Style Installation Support?

I was wondering if there are any plans to support installation of bundled extensions like “Extension Packs” in VSCode?

  • It just makes onboarding easier for a user of a specific framework or language to be able to install everything needed for a specific project with one click
  • It also allows credits correctly going to each extension devs.

you can see that in VSCode, they have bundles for C++/C, Java, Laravel and so forth.

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One of the top reasons I abandoned VSCode was unwanted and seemingly unchecked extension dependency sprawl. Extensions I wanted that started out standalone grew larger and more complex by establishing dependencies on other extensions that the author assumed I’d want. It got to the point where a majority of extensions I had installed were things I didn’t really want, or it wasn’t even clear without digging why they were there. Eventually leading to a dread of updating extensions, and ultimately rejecting VSCode.

But that is just my isolated opinion. And I haven’t used VSCode in quite a long time, so I don’t know if things have changed in this respect.

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It’s actually a valid point. VSCode extravagant extension management was one of the main reasons I migrated to Nova, as much as I could.
Unfortunately I have been back and forth to VSCode because of lack of Java support. Speaking of which, Java extension pack is a good example of a successful packaging. But yes there are countless terrible ones, very few are packaged nice.

I am by no means requesting a copy paste implementation, but hopefully something with panic’s touch. It’s a tricky one indeed!

I could imagine a special dependency-only extension type. It can pull in other extensions, but itself be forbidden from implementing any functionality. That could allow extension bundles, with less latitude for abuse to create a dependency mess.

Counterpoint, I can think of a dozen things I’d rather have Panic invest their limited time on.

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