Extensions rewriting remote files during upload


i wrote the less extension to compile local .less files into .css.

One of my user works exclusively with remote files in his project. The project is setup to include the respective SFTP-Server which he uses to open and edit files in Nova (see Compile to server · Issue #6 · seiz/novaless · GitHub).

Before i spend too much time on this (haven’t been able to find api-documentation about editing remote files), a question for you:

  • is it possible to intercept the upload-process to get the contents of the file, generate a new file (.css) and upload that to the same directory as the original (.less) file?

If yes, can you point me to the necessary API(s) to get started?

Thanks a lot!

I’m afraid that uploading of additional files when a remote document changes is not currently supported. We will consider this a feature request!

Thanks a lot. I was just checking if I missed something. I believe this is a very unusual usecase anyway.