Feature Request (double): Nested extension menus and nested clips placeholders

Hi everyone!

Recently, I tried to bring over to Nova some of the cool stuff that TextMate offers for Ruby on Rails. TextMate has a bundle for Rails that provides tens of completions and useful commands. I encountered two main issues in the process…

Organization of the extension menu

The first issue is that there is no way (or I haven’t been able to find it) for organizing elements in groups within the extension menu. That’s problematic if you want to provide an extension with dozens of elements and commands. Even the Clips sidebar doesn’t allow two or more levels of folder nesting.

Nested clips placeholders

The second issue is that the Clips are not able to handle nested placeholders. I tried several times but I always got weird issues or nothing at all. Being able to nest placeholders would allow more advanced use cases and increased productivity. Moreover, TextMate completion syntax is identical to Nova one. That means that with feature parity we could simply copy and paste the already existing library.

E.g. from TextMate:

before_validation :${1:field}${2:, :on => :${3:create|update}${4:${5:, :allow_blank => true}${6:, :allow_nil => true}}}$0

Features in action

Here is a gif of the user experience I wanted to recreate.

CleanShot 2021-11-02 at 10.59.05

Is there a way to get around these limitations or are you already working on these stuff? I think that better organization and improvements to Clips might be beneficial to every extension, not only Ruby on Rails. However let me know your thoughts :thinking:


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Nobody has brought these two ideas up, but I will file feature requests and we can consider them!