Feature Request for XML based Completions


I had the following request for XML based completions:

1. Support for detail, documentation

  • that are available to CompletionItem ,maybe like below as a new XML element inside <completion>
    • <detail/>
    • <documentation></documentation>

2. Support for Tab Stops

  • The XML based completion already supports $[] but if we use more than one $[] , a multi-cursor gets inserted at all positions. Unless a placeholder is used.
  • It would be cool to have the tab stops that are supported in snippets like $0, $2 etc

3. Support for Placeholders and Variables

  • And the last one support for variables and placeholders that are available for other APIs.
  • I understand the placeholder is sort of supported using $[placeholder] syntax, but I suppose would be nice to unify the syntax across the board. I also think the snippet syntax would be the only way to add support for the variable support?