File browser close all folders btn

Sometimes you end up with a long list of open folders, would be nice to close all of them with a single click



Isn’t that the same as holding down the option/alt key while clicking on the folder to either open all or collapse all?

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If you have many folders in your project root, you have to option/alt click these successively. One button to collapse all would be great.

I close the folders in my project root several times a day and I miss this function of VSCode.

I hear you on that. I don’t have many folders in my root with almost everything inside a single folder so not so bad for me. It would still be nice to have a UI element as you suggest to close everything at the level being viewed as the option-click, while a macOS standard is still something users need to discover and remember.

Must Frameworks like Laravel, have a lot of folders, after a while it becomes a mess, a simple btn to close helps clean the workspace, it make sense and it shouldn’t be to hard,

also is there a way to copy/paste files and folders, for example between projects? Does anyone knows?

To expand/collapse all folders: Option-click on the expansion arrow next to the folder will expand/collapse all children. This is standard macOS behavior.

@nam-co To copy folders between projects: Drag and drop a folder from the file browser in one project to the file browser in another project. Have both projects open at the same time. Hold down Option while dragging to have it be a copy rather than a move.

Or, open a new file browser, then in the right-hand pane click the globe icon in the top left to switch to browsing local folders, browse to the other project, then drag and drop files across. Hold down option while dragging to copy.

Hi @eablokker thanks for the comment, wouldn’t make more sense (easier) to just have a btn that closes all folders, what happens if you have 5 root folders open, instead of going one at a time, there a reason why vscode has it

On the copy paste, you can also go to the finder and do it, but that feels like a lot of window moving instead than just copy from the project and paste in another, it’s just an idea

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@nam-co Although the Copy command is not in the right-click menu, you can select a folder and go to the Edit → Copy menu, or use Command + C, then Command + V in the destination project.

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What do you think @Logan ? maybe its possible to implement for 11.8.5? doesn’t seem that hard (I don’t know)

This is a valid suggestion, and one that we will keep in mind! We’ve received a handful or requests for it over time. This will not be coming in a bug-fix update like 11.9, as we generally do not implement new features in those unless they are time-sensitive.

But Logan this is hardly a new feature, hope 12 comes soon, Logan please also remember the ability to copy/paste files/folders between projects in the file browser :+1::tada:

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