"Ghost text" for Copilot completions

The community has been looking into building their own Copilot extension, but the biggest issue right now is how to achieve a great UX (Completion UI considerations · Issue #3 · gobijan/nova-copilot-lsp · GitHub).

Copilot on VSCode introduced a special interaction model called “ghost text” to make it very easy to confirm suggestions or discards them (Visual Studio Code and GitHub Copilot AI)

Is there any chance we could get a “ghost text” API for Nova? Copilot seems to become table-stakes in an editor and there will be a few local-LLM alternatives very soon. I think it would pay off to enable the community to build extension with a great completion experience.



I will definitely note your request! While I cannot guarantee it will be something we do, as our list of requested API improvements is long, we will continue to evaluate based on popularity and how it might impact or improve other extensions as well.

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This would be fantastic. Demand for Copilot and similar tools will keep growing. It does seem like “ghost text” is the minimum feature needed to make it work well. Rider also uses the “ghost text” method.