Go to previous tab when dragging file split

If I open a new file when my window already has a split, if I decide to drag the newly created file to a new/different split group my previously selected file should be focused in the original split. Or if it makes more sense like this:

I have file a on the left and file b and file c on the right. I use the open quickly panel while focused on file c in the right hand split and open file d

I drag file d to left hand panel, I expect file c to now be focused on the right hand side.

Right now, it would be focused on file b rather than the file that had focus last.

Make sense? I often open a new file and then move it to where I want it to be, generally I’ll be working on something relevant to the other split, so I want to see them both at the same time, maybe I’m referencing a function in file d that I am about to use in file c so by default the previously focused page should revert to being in focus