Grammar File support

Will it be possible to use .tmGrammar.json instead of the xml based variant?

We have no plans currently to support TextMate grammars. As of version 10, Nova supports Tree-sitter grammars, which are capable of far richer language support. The older Nova XML regular expression grammar format is effectively deprecated at this point in favor of Tree-sitter.

Hey @Logan , completely understand that :smiley:. Was worth a shot, guess I better learn how to tree-sitter :frowning:

Yeah, sorry to bear bad news. Nova’s original XML format is not technically compatible with TextMate grammars (whether the original XML ones, or VSCode/Atom’s conversions to JSON or CSON). It was a homegrown engine of its own that worked similarly.

We began the move to Tree-sitter last year after long considerations about what would be the most robust and forward-looking. We didn’t have the engineering capability to build engine support for both Tree-sitter and TextMate, unfortunately.

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Yeah that makes complete sense to be honest, I think tree-sitter is certainly the way to go as well. Just means I have to not be a potato hahah