High typing latency in 11.9

Something has happened since 11.9 so that typing latency is very high, to the point of making Nova unusable. It is the same whether I have all extensions disabled or not. This is on my Intel Core i9 with an AMD Radeon PRO 5500m.

If I resize Nova’s window to be smaller, the latency improves. :thinking:

If the window is full screen, but the editors are smaller (e.g. due to using split screens) the latency improves.

Disabling the Git inline authors UI also seems to improve things significantly, but still not as responsive as before.

If you are on macOS 14.0–14.2, try updating to 14.3 or later. There was an issue in AppKit that prevented partial rerendering of views that Apple fixed in 14.3 IIRC.

If you’re already there, then I’ll try and investigate!

I’m on macOS 12.7.4 Monterey :sweat_smile:

Hmm, okay. That shouldn’t affect it then. I will look into it. :+1: