Homebrew + Fish + Nova errors

I am new to Nova.
I wish to use the local terminal.
fish is my default
My ~/.config/fish/config.fish includes the following line, as requested by Homebrew:

eval (/opt/homebrew/bin/brew shellenv)

This works in Terminal.app.

In Nova, I see an error.
I narrowed this down to brew/shellenv.sh at master · Homebrew/brew · GitHub.

In particular, the Homebrew scripts run /bin/bash and then check $PPID.
This is equivalent, I believe, to checking the CMD of $fish_pid.

On Nova, I see this is -l:

adam@Adam-MBA-M2 ~> ps | grep $fish_pid
22004 ttys006    0:00.05 -l

on Terminal.app I see that this is -fish, as expected by the Homebrew scripts.

adam@Adam-MBA-M2 ~> ps | grep $fish_pid
21609 ttys005    0:00.05 -fish

Help in understanding this / getting the Homebrew scripts to work in Nova would be much appreciated.