How do I read a file's contents?

According to the API documentation I should be able to use a File object to read something from the local filesystem with readline(). At least from what I understand. I attempted a simple test with my Rubocop extension:

const rubyVersion = File.readline(
          options.args.unshift("rvm-exec", rubyVersion, "bundle", "exec");

Which errors with:

Rubocop error: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: File

The same thing occurs if I try something like:

let rubyVersionFile = new File();
          rubyVersionFile.path = `${nova.workspace.path}/.ruby_version`;
          const rubyVersion = rubyVersionFile.readline();
          options.args.unshift("rvm-exec", rubyVersion, "bundle", "exec");

This might be more of a newbie JavaScript question, but I am wondering if someone can point me to a working code example of using the linked File object.

Hello Matt,

You’ll need to create an instance of a file using the, mode) API (documented here). You pass in the path to be opened and the file mode, which if you’re just reading can be r.

Then you’ll have a File instance which you can use .readline() (repeatedly if wanted) as you are in your second attempt.

This was helpful. Thank you. I have now shipped v.1.3.1 of my Rubocop extension as a result of this post and can use it with more of my apps than the ones I’ve updated to the latest Ruby.