I'm finding Nova navigation to be very unintuitive. - Am I missing something?


Nova introduces a lot of great features that Coda was missing that allows for more powerful editing.

However - There are some issues I’m having and was hoping that I could get some information on what I can do to resolve the issues I’m having.

  1. When using the Nova editor, I can find myself switching between projects to grab code from other places to copy paste into where I need it, switching between projects is fairly intuitive when you know where the button is, but it’s incredibly frustrating that an entire new window is opened and takes me out of the workflow I was in - is there a way to change this functionality?

  2. As far as I can tell, it’s not possible to open the file browser (not the sidebar) for the current project I am in, which means whenever the file browser is closed I need to reopen the file browser, which means clicking into the menu item, opening the file browser and then finding the project - whereas in Coda 2 this was only a button click away, I’d have expected that the file browser would open when I click the project on the menu bar, but rather than providing me something like a file browser, I get the option to change the colour of the project folder and rename it? - This functionality is silly - how often are people going to open the file browser for their project versus change the colour of the folder and rename the project?

I understand that the sidebar does automatically bring me to the server’s files, but the one thing I loved about Coda 2 was the way the file browser was intuitively easy to access, and didn’t get in my way while writing code.

Please let me know if these issues can be resolved by myself by updating the Nova preferences, or if these issues are planned to be resolved in the future?

Thank you

Hello Mark,

This forum is for discussion of extension development for Nova. If you’d like general help with Nova’s core features, you are welcome to contact Panic Support here.