Improve Vim support with "jump forward" edits

Nova is close to perfect for my uses and I’ve kept my subscription for updates rolling for a while but something that I’m struggling with is a lack of support for jump forward editing in vim mode.

This behaviour is standard in Vim, Neovim, VS Code’s Vim emulation and IDEA Vim if you want to test it in action. It’s super handy and catches me out when not present.

Expected behaviour
Typing a command that specifies a character like ci" should

  1. Clear the contents of quotes around the cursor if the cursor is inside quotes, then enter insert mode
  2. Clear the contents of the next quotes on the line if the cursor is not inside quotes and there are quotes on the line, then enter insert mode

Current behaviour
Nova works in case 1, but not in case 2. If the cursor is not inside quotes (or a tag, brackets, etc), it will not jump forward to the next instance of that character on the line.