Is there a way to have Nova recognize python virtual environments?

I have many python projects. Each runs in a virtual environment, which allows me to have different interpreters for each project. In addition, each virtual environment has its own set of extensions. For example, my current project uses PyQt. These extensions are installed into the virtual environment using pip. The virtual environment is stored in a .venv file at the root of the project. But none of the python extensions seem to recognize my virtual environment.

Is there a way to make Nova understand the virtual environment for each project?

The latest version of my Python extension (Python | Nova Extensions) included support for scanning for a .venv directory at the project root. This doesn’t happen automatically though, you need to select it in the Python extension settings for your project. You can also set your venv as the built-in interpreter (i.e. for the Python extension included with Nova) if you’re using any of the built-in python tasks.