Issues pane does not respect sort order of Issue array passed to IssueCollection

My µESLint extension feeds an IssueCollection with its input, and I have noticed the issues in that collection do not get displayed in the original sort order in Nova’s Issues Pane. Specifically, the input array is sorted in order of issue position in the document; the Issues Pane displays the issues grouped by severity in descending order, then sorted by issue message for issues of identical severity, then at long last by file position for issues with the same severity and message.

I’m not sure if the problem is rooted in the IssueCollection itself (I cannot easily inspect the Issue objects array it returns because Issues do not print a string in console or when JSONified) or when it is displayed in the Issues Pane, but I find this sort order both objectively non-intuitive (who would rather know there are 20 indent errors than have an approximation where code has issues? Spatial relationship between the gutter and the pane is zero, and one cannot replace the other as the gutter displays exactly one symbol, so you need to hover over it to resolve ambiguities), and very frustrating that it is beyond my influence to change that.

Please, either make the display order of issues user configurable, or respect the input order of extension provided issues (that would allow me to provide sort options in the extension).

The issues of an IssueCollection are indeed re-sorted by Nova when it merges them with all other possible providers. However, it should be sorting them by position first and foremost, as you describe. I will make a note to check this and see if there’s an issue happening on our side.