Issues with tree-sitter not highlighting syntax

Hi All,

I recently started working on a little extension to get into Nova. I managed to find a pre-existing tree-sitter implementation here which is also being used by Neovim. However when I try implement this in Nova it doesn’t highlight anything other than brackets haha! I am certain it is something that I am doing but I haven’t been able to work it out. If I am honest tree-sitter confuses the heck out of me!

My extension repo is nova-cue.

Any advice would be amazingly appreciated!!

You’ll need to provide a file that defines how syntax highlighting works for the language (Documentation).

Most tree-sitter grammars ship with an example highlights file, and it looks like Cue has one. This isn’t a drop in solution for Nova, as every editor that uses Tree-sitter implements different highlighting selectors, but it should hopefully give a good place to start with the documentation above!