Javascript and HTML compressor

It would be nice to have like the beautifier a ugly-fier to compress and condense html css or javascript for delivery.

I would make it myself if i could develop for this awesome software!

You may want to check out the JSMin and Sass extensions for compressing JS and CSS. (If you aren’t familiar with Sass-specific syntax, you can just use CSS, and it will still compress it… though you should totally know Sass – at least the parts for including other files and variables. Super handy!)

AND If you want your JSMin preferences to be settable on a project-by-project basis (not global) or need your .min.js files to output somewhere different than your .js files, I created a fork of the official extension with those features:

Nova is awesome, isn’t it? So awesome that extensions are actually pretty easy to build. (I just released my own: RTFM – if you can code in Javascript, you can make a Nova extension.)

hey thanks!

can you help me with a kitchen sink or starter kit for making 3rd party Nova extensions? I would like to take a swing at it.

1.) Turn on Extension Development under Preferences : General.

2.) Click “Manage Account” right below that checkbox item and create a developer account / id.

3.) Go to the Extensions menu and “Create New Extension” of the type you want. It will create a basic-but-complete project for you.

If you’re not sure what type of extension to start from, look for any extension that has similar properties (e.g., uses a sidebar panel, adds a command, etc.) to what you want to build. Install it. Right click on it in the Extension Library and choose “Show in Finder”.

Open the extension directory with Nova to see what it’s doing. Open a few and you’ll quickly spot what’s consistently needed.

And, of course, consult the docs:
and read / post specific questions to the dev forum. :slight_smile:

thanks so much wow this is incredibly well put together software !!! Serious improvement from Coda 2 (I do miss some workflow differences but i will adapt) !!


I think I’ve tried every IDE out there, including early versions of Nova but Nova 9 broke-up a 20+ year (!) relationship with BBEdit. It Still Doesn’t Suck™ for sure and it’s still a key part of my development process but most typing now happens in Nova (despite a few quirks – I’m sure code formatting is a very challenging nut to crack, but I’m still finding the inconsistent indentation rules to be frustrating… or at least I don’t understand what the indentation rules are because I keep expecting one thing and get another).

But there are too Nova many features I absolutely love so I can work around indentation quirks for now. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next!