Keyboard shortcuts for frequently used interface features

everyday we open a page to code with NOVA
everyday we navigate to the Menu to Preview the page we are coding

  • could we please have a keyboard shortcut to open a Preview immediately Split Preview Right? pretty please

as it is now we could invoke Control Command 4 to ‘Open In New Tab’ but then we have to click-drag the tab to split side-by-sidea

all daily routines should have keyboard shortcuts, moving the curser to the Menu bar or dragging things around is so 90s

love the app
#keyboardshortcuts #hotkeys #dailyroutines #splitpreview

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  • Open Preferences
  • Go to Key Bindings
  • Scroll down to the Editor Menu section
  • Scroll down to Preview → Split Preview [Upward, Downward, Left, Right]
  • Select desired split direction and double click or hit return to record keyboard shortcut

Invoke the keyboard shortcut in the editor tab, not the preview tab, as the preview tab does not have the editor menu. You do not need to open a preview in a new tab first, as the split preview command will do both steps of opening in new tab and moving it to a new split, all in one command.

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I’ve given up on setting key bindings in Nova. Every time i take the time to do it, a couple of weeks later, they all unset themselves and revert to Nova defaults.

I’m not sure why Nova has its own key bindings mechanism. Why not just use the one built into macOS?


thank you!!!

you have changed my life!!! hot diggity dog!!!

magic! :slight_smile:

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thank you for your response, waynel

i imagine we could export & save our custom NOVA preferences & bring them back in after updates?

i do this with the apps like Final Cut Pro, we can export all our Custom Keyboard Shortcuts & import them into different editing bays so we do not have to input them again & again & again…

Good idea. I should have thought that of that. Photoshop is another program with its own shortcut mechanism and also likes to reset short cuts. I can use the same backup strategy there.

Already possible :slight_smile: