LSP & Conflicting file syntax priorities

I’ve created an extension that adds LSP support for a particular use case of a given built in language, namely YAML, that is often denoted by a filename convention while maintaining the typical extension. The issue however is specifying a filename with highest priority does not take precedence over the existing file extension priority for yml,yaml, as such the syntax detection is never anything other than YAML. It is not convenient for anyone to have the LSP activate for all YAML cases, and currently from what I’ve gathered the only LSP activation criteria is based upon language detection.

While potentially possible to add a condition to prevent LSP activation based upon other criteria, is there a more Nova-proper way to either:

  1. Establish a priority higher than a builtin language with a matching extension, to identify a superset.
  2. Specify activation of an LSP instance by something more granular than language.

Currently I don’t believe there is a way to achieve what you are trying to do—language servers are indeed currently scoped to language, not file extension, as file extension associations can be customized by the end user. However, we will definitely consider this as a feature request.