Markdown Syntax/Theme Styling Questions

I have three Markdown related questions for a Theme I am working on.

The first, the closing bracket ) for links does not take on the color of the punctuation style that all the others do. Notice here, the [ and ] and ( all have the correct color, but the closing brackt does not.

The second question is related to indentation for Markdown files in lists.

Again, in the above screenshot in List Item Two, when there’s lots of text the next line does not get indented as expected. It runs to the next line when it would be expected to have the same behavior as the “indent wrapped lines to match leading whitespace” setting and there being a two space indentation the entire way down. Is it possible to add this somehow just for Markdown documents?

And the third question:

Is there anyway to style Blockquotes in a theme?

Styling either the > or the text itself?