Multiline Selection Cursor Has Odd Behavior

Not sure what category to put this in, please feel free to organize as needed.

I have noticed that when using a selection to insert multi-cursors, it adds one additional line, which is counter intuitive and is probably a point of friction for the user (at least for me). I made a quick screen capture illustrating the problem:

As you can see, I always need to select one fewer lines than I actually want a cursor on. Are there any work-arounds to this? Thanks!

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I can confirm that I’ve seen this too, but never had the time to report it.
Don’t think this forum is the right place though, and believe you’ll be directed to submit a bug report here.

I don’t seem to have this problem - but I believe it’s due to the difference in the way I go about it… I don’t use the “Add Cursors At…” commands, but create multiple cursors by placing the cursor on the top (or bottom line) and use option + command + up/down arrows to add more lines to the selection, which works quite well.