Nova 10 loads disabled library extension instead of active development version

I’m just updating my plugin for Nova 10 and noticed that even if I:
• deactivate the previous extension (loaded from the public library), and
• activate the dev version from the Extensions menu
Nova continues to display the old (deactivated) version’s preferences and other content, even when I’ve clicked on the development version.

Quitting Nova, re-launching it, and reactivating the extension temporarily loads the development version until the first save and then it goes back to loading the disabled (non-development) version.

Uninstalling the old extension entirely fixes the issue, of course (but it would be nice to be able to have both installed even if both aren’t active).

Below is a screencast showing the bug in action. (In the video, I’m showing how CoffeeScript is still showing even though I’ve removed that setting from the new version.)

Hope that helps.