[Nova 11 beta] Partially hidden UI elements

Just downloaded the beta and started playing with it. A few minor issues as is to be expected, but otherwise looks good so far!

One thing I noticed is that certain non-persistent elements seem to get offset and/or hidden in the UI. The below screenshot shows this with the LSP code actions tooltip, but this could be occurring with other items; I think I saw some other sort of box just barely protruding out of the edge of the editor, but I couldn’t really tell what I was looking out.

Macbook Pro 2021 (M1 Pro)
maOS Ventura 13.3.0
Nova 11 Beta 1, Build 505179


Right after I took the above screenshot and made this post, I left the Nova running while I was away from my computer for a few hours. When I returned, this issue seems to have resolved itself and I haven’t been able to reproduce it. I’ll update again if it happens again.